Easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Once you've installed the Google Analytics integration you're on your way to a smarter and effective retargeting experience😃

Our Google Analytics integration allows for verification and ultimate transparency. Here's what it means for you:

  • Clearer audience population 
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Frequent budget optimizations

When you connect Shoelace with Google Analytics we utilize an unfiltered view in order to reference raw data associated with your store property. We also automatically filter out bots and switch on Enhanced Ecommerce if it hasn't been previously switched on manually. 


Before you get started, there are a couple things that you need:

  • Have an active Google Analytics account (Click here 👈if you don't have one yet)
  • A web property associated with the domain linked to your Shoelace account (Think of a property as a website you want to track)
  • An unfiltered view associated with your web property
  • Ensure that your property is set up to consider all incoming traffic to your store
  • The property set up with the Google Analytics account is your store URL (not the Shopify store URL)

Getting Started

Once you're all set just follow these simple steps to install the Google Analytics integration:

1. Head over to the Settings tab in the Shoelace Dashboard

2. Scroll down to view the Google Analytics integration

3. Click Connect to Google Analytics

4. We will automatically detect the earliest, unfiltered view associated with your store property to use (please do not edit this view in Google Analytics)

5. Don't have an unfiltered view? We can create one for you called Shoelace Unfiltered View if you haven't reached the maximum of 25 views for your store property. You must also be an administrator on the account for us to create a view on your behalf.

6. Seeing this error?

To double check if you have reached the maximum views to your property head into the Google Analytics account associated with the Shopify domain that is connected to Shoelace and navigate to the All Website Data button in the top left corner and check views here: 

To raise this limit, unfortunately, you'll have to reach out to Google Analytics technical support. If you have not reached the maximum amount of views, please double check that you are an administrator on the account. To do so, navigate to the Admin button on the bottom left corner of your account and then select User Management. You will see a list of users and the permissions they have. For yourself you should see the permissions "Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze, Manage Users." 

6. If needed, you can create a view for us to use by following these steps. Please ensure that it's a raw view with no filters applied for all the incoming traffic to your Shopify store

7. Confirm the view we've selected after you've logged in with Google. 

8. You're all set! You've successfully connected Google Analytics with Shoelace 😃

Now you're on your way to an enhanced retargeting experience with Google Analytics + Shoelace 🤓

Have any questions? Give us a shout: [email protected] 

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