If you are currently using our new interface you can see how to install our Smile integration via Shopify here.

Getting Started

Installing the Smile integration is super simple! Here's how to get started:

  1. Find Smile in the Settings Tab in your Shoelace Dashboard in Shopify (Apps > Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace > Settings):

2. Connect and authorize your Smile account with Shoelace:

3. IMPORTANT: Update the Smile Settings and complete the Rewards Program form:

You should refer to your dashboard in Smile to set up your earning rules and make sure that they are consistent. 

Keep in mind you can only have a maximum of four of the earning rules. 

Next Steps
Once you've completed the installation you're all set to receive Nudge Campaigns aimed to get past purchasers to sign up or redeem points from your rewards program! 

You will receive new Smile Nudge Campaigns every month or every time your earning settings are updated so be sure to head into the Nudges tab in the Shoelace app and set your Nudges live. In an effort to keep your audiences fresh, if you do not start your Smile Nudge Campaigns they will expire after two weeks and be removed from your account.

Having trouble installing or connecting? No worries! You can always contact our awesome support team to help you through 😃

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