Your Shoelace retargeting expert will help design the perfect retargeting experience for your store and brand.

Clients on our Platinum and above plans have access to our Regular Asset Library as well as an Enhanced selection of ad choices.  

This consists of ad types options that can be used at different parts of the retargeting funnel to show variety and reduce ad fatigue (as well as tell your brand's story!).

Available Ad Options:

Instagram Story/Facebook Story - shows past visitors a single image or multi image instagram/facebook story to capture engagement with movement and creativity.  Works best with assets sent in by our clients in the size 1080px by 1920px (or 9:16 ratio).  Clients on our Plus plan can enjoy the benefit of these ads being customized by the Shoelace team.

Simple Canvas Ad (aka Instant Storefront) - a fully mobile experience.  A canvas as is a great way to capture your visitors attention as once clicked, it opens into a full screen experience where clients can browse products.

Advanced Canvas Ad (aka Instant Story Telling) - a fully mobile experience.  This ad opens up as a full screen experience to showcase a story or content.  Due to the manual work and details involved, this asset is currently only available to users on our Plus Plan.

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