Your Shoelace retargeting expert will help design the perfect retargeting experience for your store and brand.

Clients on our Pro and above plans have access to our Regular Asset Library.  This consists of ad types options that can be used at different parts of the retargeting funnel to show variety and reduce ad fatigue (as well as tell your brand's story!).

Available Ad Options:

Dynamic Product Ad - shows visitors the exact products viewed in the store.  Updates daily to reflect price changes or stock.

Best Seller Ad - Shows top 5 best sellers of the month, refreshes each month.

*Carousel Ad - shows a rotating feed of products from a collection.  May require user to create a special collection if not already a set collection. Updates daily to reflect price changes or stock.

Collection Ad - shows 5 static products from a collection.  Does not update with new pricing or stock.  A good option for clients whose products do not frequently change.  If you would like to a feature a collection where stock and prices change frequently, a Carousel Ad may be a better option.

Top Selling Collection - shows a feed of the collection that your top selling products is part of.  Updates daily to reflect price changes or stock.  Updates monthly with your newest top selling item/collection.

Dynamic Lifestyle Ad (Foursixty) - shows a feed of lifestyle images via the Foursixty integration.

Featured Collection Ad - shows up to 5 collections, using your top seller per collection to represent the collection.  Links back to the collection.

Lead Generation Ad - Asks a visitor for their email (instead of leading back to the site).

Messenger Chat Ad - Encourages visitors to message your page with any questions.

*Multi Image Ad - A static carousel ad featuring custom images and text. Client can edit default images and text to reflect brand (e.g. if wanting to feature multiple images of a specific product). 

New Arrivals Ad - shows a rotating feed of new arrivals. Updates daily to reflect price changes or stock.

Reviews Ads (Yotpo, Shopify,, Stamped, Conversio) - shows a rotating feed of 5 star product reviews for the products visitors viewed. Updates daily to reflect price changes.

*Single Image Ad - a single image that holds the visitors attention.  Uses a default image but all aspects of the creative can be changed by client to tailor to your unique needs (e.g. to promote a blog post).

Winning Product Ad - a larger image, used to promote your top selling product.  This ad requires a link in the ad-text to display in larger format.

*Video Ad - a video is used instead of a single image.  Requires client to produce video content that is less than 1 minute long in mp4 format.  We are unable to pull videos from your store.

Please note assets with an asterisks* may require additional assistance from our clients before they can be added to your retargeting journey.

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