Some of our users have been noticing that the relevancy score for their Shoelace ads is lower than their own prospecting ads. 

Though relevancy score is important (it can decrease the cost of showing your ads), we place more importance on getting your products sold. Some reasons why the relevancy score may be lower with retargeting ads is because we show your ads to visitors more frequently and because it is shown more frequently to the same audience, there may be less action per past visitor.

Keep in mind, even if you initially receive a low score (or high score) as people interact with your ad, the score can go up or down. The best way to mitigate a low score is through freshening up the creative 🎨. When we notice a lower score we like to suggest different types of ads and encourage users to edit the ad copy whenever they feel like it! To edit your Shoelace ads just press "edit" on the preview!

Don't forget to take advantage of our integrations to really set your ads apart 🌟

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