When someone visits your website and does something you want them to do, like buy an item or visit a certain page, it’s called a conversion. As a marketer, you’ve probably set up or thought about setting up conversion tracking to see what’s working. A conversion is a lot like scoring a goal in a basketball game. It takes more than one player to make it happen, and if you were coaching the team, you’d want to see all the players who assisted in the goal so you could identify how they interacted and score again and again. It’s the same in online marketing. If you think of the marketing channels that drive traffic to your site as players, the ones making the assists are often just as important as the one making the goal. The ways your customers interact with Shoelace advertisements play a huge part in the marketing funnel leading to conversions.

One of the great things about Shoelace is that we provide our services in your own Facebook ad account so that you have full transparency of the conversions reported to you!

Your Shoelace dashboard displays a summary of this results data, including the total conversions your Shoelace ads have generated. In your dashboard you have the option to display results from a specific ad, journey, or all together AND can break down the results by the past 7 days, 30 days, or lifetime.  

Understanding Facebook Attributions

Conversion data is pulled directly from your Facebook ads manager and Facebook pixel.  By default, Facebook will attribute a conversion to an ad if it was the last ad a visitor saw within a day of their purchase (this is called a "view through" conversion) OR if it was the last ad a visitor clicked on within a 28 day window of their purchase (this is called a "click through" conversion).  If multiple ads are running, the last clicked ad will take the attribution (even if another ad was viewed after).  In your Shoelace Dashboard, you can see a break down of these conversions by hovering over the purchase conversions amount:

A very common question we get asked is how to tie these conversion amounts to your orders in Shopify?

The Challenge

1.) The Facebook Pixel does not track or release the order/confirmation number of a purchase, only the amount.  This is due to their Privacy Policy to protect user's identities.

2.) The purchase/conversion amount reported is the subtotal of the whole order in the currency of your Facebook Ad Account.  It will not include shipping or tax.

The Solution 

Break down and compare data in your Shopify Orders sheet with Facebook's reports

Facebook's ads manager allows you to break down your purchase/conversion results by the last day and time an ad was seen or clicked on.  This can make it easier to break down individual orders and allow for easier tracing.  

In addition, you can break down the purchase results by if the purchase was made within 1 day of seeing the ad, or within 28 days of clicking it.  Click the image below for how to access these breakdowns in Facebook (please note you can also export this data if you wish to use a software to further filter):

Once you have broken down the purchases to their most granule in Facebook (the best break down is 1 purchase per line) you can then open up your Shopify orders sheet and compare the sub-total amounts which most closely match the day and time the ad was clicked or seen.  Because Facebook's attribution window for clicks can be up to 28 days, occasionally this amount will show up on a day that is long past the "last date clicked" reported on Facebook.

Tips to help with tracing:

  1. Look for any unique discount codes in your Shopify orders file that are only used in your Shoelace Ads

  2. Look for utm_medium=shoelace in your Shopify orders file.

  3. Having trouble narrowing down results by day/time? Facebook also allows you to break down by country and region, as well as many other options.

  4. Check the conversion details in individual Shopify orders (this unfortunately does not track view-through purchases):

5. Set up your Google Analytics in a way that helps account for Facebook ads.  Learn more here.

If something seems off with the reports, please reach out to our team and we would be happy to help!

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