What are targeting settings? 

Just like mails, your ads need an address in order to be delivered effectively. Think of targeting settings as details of a mailing address. The more specific you set those targeting settings, the more specific your targeted audience becomes. 🎯

For example, if  your mail is addressed to “Canada”, the mailman could drop your mail anywhere in Canada but chances are your mail will not get to the intended recipient. If the address is now “Ontario, Canada”, then you have narrowed down to where this mail is supposed to be. The more detail you include in your address, the more likely your mail will reach the intended recipient. 👍

Do I have to set those targeting settings myself?

Shoelace has your back when it comes to customer journey retargeting!

We have already customized your target settings and are targeting the right audience through your website visitor segmentations. ✅

Unless you sell items that have certain policy restrictions such as age restrictions for selling alcohol or only service certain geographical regions, you can sit back and relax. 😎

Okay so I have age and geographical restrictions. What should I do?

In your Shoelace Journey Settings, you will be able to find and edit those details! 👀

You can select a minimum and a maximum age for your target audience. 

You can be as specific  down to the postal code region or as broad as worldwide! Think about where your services/products are being offered. That’s a good indication of where you should be targeting.

Got more questions on targeting settings? Please feel free to reach out and our all-star customer success team will be happy to help you! 🌟

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