A smart retargeting strategy 🤔targets your store's visitors based on the unique actions taken on your site.  A visitor who browsed a collection is at a different stage of the conversion funnel than someone who just added to cart.  Each of these visitors requires different incentives to push them along.  

Someone who viewed a collection may respond well to reviews of products, while someone who added to cart may be more interested in shipping details (as they already know what they want).

Shoelace segment users into stages and recommends the right ads and copy for visitors at these stages ✅.  The type of stages Shoelace runs for your store will depend on your monthly traffic size and if you would prefer we focus on profitability 🤑or over-all customer growth and retention 📈.  If your audience is too small to be divided by the full stages, the stages will be combined.

Shoelace may target the following stages:

Express Interest - Visitors who left your store without viewing a product

Showed Consideration - Visitors who viewed a product but left without adding to cart

Showed Consideration or Took Action - Visitors who viewed a product and/or added to cart but did not purchase

Took an Action - Visitors who added to cart, but did not complete a purchase

Became a Customer - Visitors who already completed a purchase


Just like visitors at different stages require unique approaches to help move them towards a purchase, we have found benefit in further segmenting visitors within these stages - we call these more advanced segmentations "intents."

For example, a user who viewed 20 products is much more engaged than a user who viewed only 1 product, and both these visitors will require different ad types/copies as well as variations on the amount of budget dedicated to them.

At Shoelace we want to bring you the most value for your money, so we offer additional segmentations based on Low, Medium and High Intent:

Low, Medium and High Intent 🙋🙋🙋- We've detected that visitors in this segment are somewhat likely to return to your online store.

Medium Intent 🙋🙋 - We've detected that visitors in this segment are likely to return to your online store.

High Intent 🙋 - We've detected that visitors in this segment are very likely to return to your online store.

How does Shoelace identify visitors who have medium or high intent?

Shoelace offers advanced audience tracking and creation, which includes being able to filter visitors who have been on your site for longer periods of time, made multiple visits or viewed multiple products.  We are constantly adding new audience types to get at the best audiences with the highest intent!

Can't Shoelace just target visitors with High Intent?

Although possible for stores with high traffic volumes, sometimes further segmentation by high intent means this segment of visitors may be too small to run ads for.  In this case, we combine the high + medium intent audiences.

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