Depending on the type of Shoelace ad and your ad’s objective, it may be shown in different places called “platform options” by Facebook. Icons on the Shoelace app will show you where each ad is placed.

Platform options help us show your ads where they’re likely to perform the best. Shoelace experts continuously optimize these options to make sure you’re reaching the people you care about in the places they spend their time.

Here is a list of platform options we use at Shoelace:


  • Desktop (shown to people using Facebook on their desktops/laptops)

  • Mobile (shown to people using Facebook on their phones)

  • Right side column (shown only on desktop)

  • Instant articles (short interactive videos)

  • In-stream videos (ads shown as short videos on Facebook)

  • Marketplace

  • Stories 


  • Feeds (shown on desktop feeds)

  • Stories

Audience Network

  • Banner, interstitial and native

  • Rewarded video

  • In-stream video


  • Inbox

  • Sponsored Messages

For a more detailed breakdown on platform options:

Depending on an ad’s objective, some platform options might not be applicable. For more information on which placements are available for each objective:

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