Occasionally merchants may see results of Shoelace ads on their Shopify homepage for "top marketing events."

This can be alarming at times because this area may show results for ads you have not yet approved (or even been sent yet!).

Does this mean the ad is live?

Shoelace will only run ads you approve - so if you or a member of your team did not approve an ad, it will not be live.

Why would I see results in this area for an ad that were not live?

When we make ads for our merchants, we make them on Facebook in the "off" position.  As soon as an ad is made, it is reviewed manually or by Facebook's bots for quality control and policy compliance (even when "off").  The results you see in this area use UTM parameters (like what google analytics uses), which are triggered by this review process.   These visit durations are typically "0" which helps to assure that these ads never ran and were just part of a review by Facebook :).

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