Have you recently installed Shoelace and landed on this screen? 

Well, welcome and don’t be sad 😭 we promise, we have your best interest in mind! We have worked with over 3000 Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants and we know that Customer Journey Retargeting works best for stores with over 6000 tracked PageView visitors in 30 days. 

You might be thinking, where can I monitor this number? 🤔

Our system will update every 24 hours to show you the most recent audience count but if you are an eager beaver, you can head into your Facebook Audiences inside of your ad account to monitor this audience. If you are using advanced matching, scroll down to learn how to preview the audience size in your Facebook Analytics

Facebook Audiences Tab: 

Depending on how recently you installed Shoelace, you may have a 30-day Shoelace PageView audience already created for you and named like so: SL-30-PageView. 

You can also create a new 30-day PageView audience. Here is how:

  1. Create Custom Audience:

2. Select Website Traffic: 

3. PageView in the past 30 days: 

4. Name your audience and press "Create Audience":

Once this audience has been created and populated you can check in your audiences tab whenever you’d like to review the size. 

Facebook Analytics Tab: 

If you are using advanced matching the size of this audience will not be available for viewing in the audiences tab. To get an idea of the size of this audience you can head to the Analytics tab in your ad account here: 

1. Navigate to Funnels and select "Create Funnel":

2. Set the timeline to the past 28 days and select PageView: 

3. Preview the audience size and review the "People" metric down below. Visitors in this audience segment are unique but not tracked so we will not be able to retarget all of them. From research we have found that taking around 70% of this audience will give you an accurate reading. 

If you feel Shoelace is reporting inaccurate data, please reach out to [email protected] asap and someone from the team will be happy to take a closer look. 

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