Your ads manager has a wealth of information. You can find information your campaigns' performance to determine what works and what doesn't. 

Let's start by adding the columns you want. To do this, you'll need to go to your ads manager and click on the columns button

A drop down should appear, you will now need to select "Customize Columns..." This is where you will be able to build your report! 

Now you can select the columns that you find as important metrics. You can either search for it in the search box or scroll through your options. 

Columns I would suggest include: 

  • View Content (Facebook Pixel) - the number of products your visitors have looked at via your ad 

  • Add to Cart (Facebook Pixel) - the number of products your visitors looked at via your ad 

  • Link Clicks - the number of clicks the ad has gotten 

  • Cost per unique click to link - how much it cost for one unique visitor to click on the ad 

  • Cost per Unique Click to Link - The average cost for each unique click to link.

  • ShoelacePurchase - The number of purchases that were made via the ad. [We created this custom conversion because this way, we know that we are the only ones firing this event and that it's not firing multiple times. This event will only fire when someone lands on the unique thank-you page and only once.]

  • Cost per Shoelace Purchase - How much it cost for one purchase 

  • ShoelacePurchase conversion value - The value of the purchases via the ad 

  • Amount spent - how much you have spent on the ad in total 

You can definitely ad more but those are some I would recommend. You can move the metrics in the order you'd like by dragging the metric highlighted in red. 

Once you're done, hit "Apply". I would recommend you what you did as a preset so that you won't have to do that each time. Just hit the "Columns" button again and then save. And give the preset a name :) 

Now, you can see that the first ad has spent $743.87 resulting in 3117 products added to cart, 16594 products viewed, 373 purchases worth $37 475.17 costing $1.99 per purchase. We got 2150 clicks on the ad of that 1513 were unique visitors. And it cost $.49 per unique visitor to click on the ad. 

Cool huh? 

And from here you can breakdown your ads by demographics, placements, etc. and see how you can improve your ads.

And you can filter by time frames

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