When running a Journey or Nudge campaign with Shoelace, you will see an audience state label somewhere on the campaign. They look like this:

These audience states help you understand the type of audience that is being retargeted. Understanding the difference between these states will help you determine:

  1. The purpose of the retargeting campaign
    Are we aiming to maximize ROI here or trying to revive older audiences to bring them back to the site?

  2. What kind of ROI to expect
    For example, when campaigns are targeting Hot audiences, you can expect a much higher ROI, compared to campaigns targeting Cold audiences.

Cold audiences are visitors who have not been back to your website in a long time or those who did not spend much time when they were there (e.g. only viewed the home page).

Although Cold audiences may not yield as high an ROI as Warm and Hot audiences, it is important to re-engage Cold audiences from time to time to bring some of them back to your website and turn them into warm or hot audiences!

Warm audiences are visitors who have recently visited your website or those who demonstrated meaningful engagement when they were there (e.g. viewed a product).

It is great to re-engage warm audiences as they have a good likelihood to turn into a hot audience or even convert into a sale!

Hot audiences are visitors who have very recently visited your website or those who demonstrated extremely high engagement when they were there (e.g. added to cart).

Retargeting hot audiences is a no-brainer as they have the highest likelihood to convert into a sale!

A healthy retargeting portfolio means targeting all three audiences

While Hot audiences will yield the highest ROI, it is a mistake to only focus your retargeting efforts to that audience. However, retargeting cold audiences can be an expensive endeavour! 

Shoelace will always ensure that your ad dollars are spent wisely when it comes to cold audiences. For example, you don't want to show ongoing retargeting campaigns by perpetually advertising to your cold audience. Instead, Shoelace will propose timely and strategic Nudge campaigns that only run for a day or two to reengage that audience. 

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