First, here's a bit of context on what Shoelace does:

We automate the entire retargeting process for you, so you don't have to worry about creating or optimizing your campaigns. 

All you have to do is connect us to your Shopify store and your Facebook Ad account and wait for us to populate a custom audience. Once we do, we'll send you a campaign via email, the app, or via text. Respond "Yes" and we'll get things rolling!

And since we're your retargeting experts, we keep an eye on your campaigns for you and send you recommendations every couple of weeks. 

But how is our retargeting different from doing it yourself, you ask?

It's no secret that anyone can make their own retargeting ads on Facebook - but expertise in a field can go a long way, especially when there is money on the line.  

At Shoelace, our sole focus is on re-targeting!  This means that...

We are up to date with the latest ad types offered by Facebook and even have early access to new features. 

We're Facebook Partners and know the ins and outs of Facebook's quirks as well as many workarounds!  

We automate your retargeting - so you don't have to.

We've even integrated with many popular Shopify apps, like Foursixty, Mailchimp and Klaviyo, to help automate your entire sales process  - and we're not stopping there. We plan to keep integrating with popular Shopify Apps so that we can always be on the front end of retargeting initiatives.

We have a ready-made creative library of different campaigns for every kind of store, that we can deploy for our customers.

We use a strategy that's similar to an email drip campaign, called Journeys. With this feature, we take your customers on a "journey" of your brand, depending on the goal. 

For example, we have what's called a Multi-Stage Journey. There are 3 stages for this one:

  • For Days 1-3, we run Dynamic Product Ads to get people who viewed the product to come back quickly. 

  • If they don't purchase after this, they'll experience our Days 4-5 ads which could be Shopify Review ads to show them social proof of the quality of the product. 

  • Finally, we can have Days 6-7 or Days 12-14 ads with a specific collection that can help with brand awareness and keep your store top-of-mind.

Learn more about Multi-stage Journeys here.

With Shoelace you have a whole team behind you to help navigate the retargeting field. 

We are able to monitor your campaigns and make recommendations for how to improve performance, as well as technical support (especially related to Facebook Pixel setup😏).

And with our highest Scale plan, we hand-craft custom journeys for you. In the past, we've created add-to-cart campaigns to target people who have filled their shopping cart but didn't up finishing the purchase process, and past-purchaser campaigns that target people who have purchased before.

Learn more about Custom Journeys here.

These are just a few of the many customer journeys and campaign templates we have in our arsenal. With enough traffic, there's honestly an endless list of campaigns we can test for you. 🙂

Ready to skyrocket your ROI with automated retargeting? 🚀

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