When you integrate your Judge.me account with Shoelace, you will be able to run Product Review Ads! Learn more about Product Review Ads here.

Here are the steps to integrate with Judge.me:

1. Find the "Judge.me Integration" section in Shoelace settings
You'll notice here that you need to paste an "Access Token" code from Judge.me. The next step will show you where to find this.

2. Generate an "Access Token" from Judge.me > Settings > Integrations
Go to your Judge.me account, navigate to the Settings section and then hit the Integrations tab. Scroll down to the bottom of this section to find the Shoelace integration setting:

3. Copy/Paste your Access Token into Shoelace
Once you've located your API credentials, copy and paste them into the Judge.me Integrations section in Shoelace and hit "Connect to Judge.me"!

All done, what happens next?

From here, you will eligible to receive a Product Review Ad as part of your Shoelace Journey campaign. If you already have a Journey campaign running, you will receive a notification from Shoelace proposing to add the Product Review Ad into your Journey. If you don't have a Journey campaign running yet, you can expect to see a Product Review Ad as part of your first Journey campaign.

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